What Are the Signs It’s Time to Change Your Garage Door Opener?

garage door opener replacement

A Rundown Of When You Need Garage Door Opener Replacement

The good news is garage door openers have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years. However, it’s important to note that the more you use your opener, the more stress it is put under. This means your garage door opener may not last the full 15 years, especially if maintenance is neglected! Is it time for garage door opener replacement?

When your garage door has been void of maintenance and knowledge of your opener’s status, how do you know when to replace your garage door opener? Watch out for these telltale signs your opener is about to fail:

1. Your Garage Door Opener Starts Making Weird Noises

While a completely silent garage door opener has yet to be made, most should not be excessively loud. If you’ve become attuned to an odd sound coming from your garage whenever the door is opened, this is likely a sign your garage door opener needs to be replaced.

Older garage door openers, especially chain-drive openers, become excessively loud as they age. You may hear rattling chains or screeching components every time the door is in use. Instead of driving your household insane, turn to the professionals for a garage door opener replacement.

2. The Garage Door Opener Moves Slowly or Detaches

Have you noticed that your garage door opens and closes more slowly than it once did? If your opener hesitates to respond to your garage door remote, it’s likely on its last legs. You’ll also want to be wary of doors that detach from their openers, as this means several hundred pounds are able to free fall to the ground, which can be deadly to kids or pets in its direct path. Make sure you get in touch with your garage door professional as soon as you notice the opener acting up.

3. You Notice The Door Opens On Its Own Accord

If you’ve been sitting inside and heard your garage door open, your heart likely jumped out of your chest as you briefly thought someone was trying to break in! You quickly realize no such thing is happening, but now you’re confused. Did the garage door just open on its own?

Garage doors that open or close on their own are sure signs of garage door opener failure. This is considered a garage door emergency, and you’ll want to have the system replaced as soon as possible to restore your home’s security and your peace of mind.

4. The Garage Door Closes and Then Reverses

Sometimes, a garage door that starts to close and then suddenly reverses course is a sign of an obstruction blocking the system’s photo-eye. This is an important safety feature that modern garage doors are equipped with, so make sure all belongings are out of the way.

A highly trained technician can help you inspect the system to determine the cause of this problem. However, it’s important to note that a suddenly reversing door could also mean the garage door opener is about to fail.

5. The Opener Shakes or Vibrates

Another warning sign that it’s time to replace your opener is seeing the system vibrate. Old openers often have faulty armatures or shafts that vibrate in their housings. As the problem progresses, you will notice that the opener’s mounts start to come loose. This can prove disastrous if left unattended. The opener may detach from the ceiling and fall on anything beneath it.

6. Your Garage Door Opener Is Lacking In Smart Features

Maybe you haven’t noticed any problems with your garage door opener. That doesn’t mean an upgrade is out of the question. If your existing opener lacks smart features, it’s time to consider a garage door opener replacement.

Smart garage door openers consist of features that make life more convenient. For example, your new opener could have battery backup so that you will not lose access to your garage during a power outage. You can also enjoy the ability to control your garage door opener on your smartphone. It’s features like these and more that have many homeowners upgrading to smart garage door openers.

Get a New Garage Door Opener Today!

When a simple fix like replacing the batteries in your remote doesn’t resolve your garage door opener problems, turn to Fawley Overhead Door Inc. We’re well-versed in the signs of opener failures and can help repair or replace your system without a hitch.

Check out our garage door opener repair page for more insight of how we respond to your opener and operator concerns. Our garage door opener installation will provide long-lasting solutions for your malfunctioning overhead door system. Whether you can’t close the door or your opener stops working altogether, you can count on us to get to the bottom of the solution.

Contact us today for garage door opener replacement services! We also specialize in garage door repairs and overhead garage doors, so if your problem doesn’t end up being opener related, you can still trust we’ll provide the correct solution.

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