IDA's top 100 door dealers

Fawley Ranks on IDA’s Top 100 Door Dealer List

Fawley Overhead Door is proudly ranked at 67 for IDA’s Top 100 Total Revenue and 42 on the Top 50 Residential Dealers list in their 2023 edition. The owner of Fawley Overhead Door reacted to the nationally acclaimed recognition:

“We are ecstatic and honored to be included in the IDA Top 100 Door Dealers list, especially in our first year of eligibility,” said Casey Fawley, as reported to Fox 2 Now in their press release.

IDA top 100 door dealers

While this recognition marks Fawley Overhead Door’s debut on any of IDA’s Top 100 Door Dealers list, this article highlights the unwavering efforts that the Portage, MI-based company continues to display with critical success. However, the IDA officially highlights the company’s exceptional performance and commitment to excellence in the garage door industry. 

What is the IDA? 

IDA is the International Door Association that celebrates excellence and is highly regarded within the garage door industry. Founded in 1995, they enforce a code of business conduct which is important to both door dealers and consumers alike. 

The IDA provides helpful education, accreditation, and certification programs that can help dealers land themselves a spot on their annual top 100 accolades and listings. They also produce regular trade journals that publicize notable products and important curves for consumers and fellow garage door companies to learn about.  

The significance of IDA is like a great stamp of approval for a local garage door repair and installation company. It’s relative to the badge of honor many other businesses can look up to because of its international notoriety.

Fawley is unique in that this is its first IDA award for the company’s first year of submission! The IDA’s top 100 door dealer is not to say that Fawley has been operating in secret for all this time. Fawley Overhead Door has decades of experience, financial integrity, and quality workmanship, and it has met all safety and compliance codes for the state of Michigan and local codes within Kalamazoo, MI and Portage, MI. 

As the owner, Casey Fawley explained, “This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as the trust and support of our valued customers,” he said. 

Nevertheless, they have been following IDA standards all along; with the following calibers for selecting the right garage door dealer as advised by the IDA, Fawley Overhead Door has:


Fawley Overhead Door has established itself as a dependable garage door company for Kalamazoo, MI, Portage, MI, and the surrounding areas for 43 years. Along with servicing, selling, and installing overhead door systems, has garnered the trust of the local community as the family-owned and operated company that homeowners and business owners alike can trust. You can learn more about the Fawley Overhead Door story on the About page. 

Safety and Compliance Codes

As a top 100 door dealer, safety and professionalism are the ultimate checkpoints for everyday operations. Among the most crucial qualities residential and commercial clientele look for is ensuring that their chosen door company is, in fact, professional and will facilitate the garage door service safely and efficiently.  

Financial Integrity

Over the impressive span of four decades, Fawley tackles every garage door project with sincerity, accountability, and the capability to provide reliable garage doors for every budget. As one of the longest-running family-owned and operated garage door companies in Michigan, financial integrity is something to be gained, accumulated, and appreciated over time. 


Last, but certainly not the least important caliber, Fawley can attest to the level and quality of workmanship that is poured into every service call, operating system overhaul, and commercial overhead door project. Check reviews for feedback and responses from customers, and follow their Facebook for updated projects. 

While their 2023 year is not their first-ever award-winning year in the garage door industry, Fawley Overhead Door is excited to start the new year fresh with an amazing badge of honor, like the IDA in the Top 50 Residential Door Dealers and Top 100 Door Dealer Revenue categories. The IDA only helps the legacy at Fawley Overhead Door live on!

In the meantime, continued determination, education, and training will all take place throughout Fawley’s everyday operations for even more award-winning categories! Thank you to the community that helped Fawley be the top door dealer in the area. For your garage door repair and installation needs since 1981, thank you for choosing Fawley Overhead Door. 

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