Most Common Signs You Need to Replace Garage Door Panels

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Uncover The Signs To Replace Your Garage Door Panels

Owning a home is hard work, period. Instead of letting all of your hard work go to waste, knowing the most common signs to replace your garage door panels can make a significant difference. 

Smart homeowners want to present their houses in the best light possible. From updating the exterior painting to regular power washing, gardening, and more, they’re looking for ways to improve curb appeal, or their home’s first impression. While you may do everything you can to beautify those areas of your home, if you have damaged garage door panels, it could make your home improvement efforts moot. 

Fawley Overhead Door has laid out some of the most common signs when you need to replace your garage door panels in Portage, MI and Kalamazoo, MI.

Noticeable Cracks

Wooden garage doors provide homeowners with a unique garage door installation that helps set them apart from their neighbors; however, it does leave them open to unique dangers that steel garage doors don’t. Overhead doors made from wood materials can sustain noticeable cracking at various points within a given panel, especially if not properly maintained. Some cracks can be addressed with routine garage door repairs, but sometimes the damage may be too severe. 

Instead of letting natural wear and tear ruin your overhead door’s curb appeal, we can get you the ideal garage door replacement for your needs. We can match the replacement to your existing panels if it’s a singular panel. If the damage is severe enough, we can perform a complete garage door replacement, and that will restore your broken garage door to its former glory!

Storm Damage

While Portage, MI and Kalamazoo, MI may not get the same kind of hurricane-force winds as the East Coast, storm damage can still be one of the most common signs to replace your garage door panels. High gusting winds can tear tree limbs off and send them flying into your garage door, extreme flooding could wear your overhead door panels down, and more consequences of mother nature’s storms often result in your garage door revealing its age. 

Total Cost of Repairs Outweighs Replacing the Panels

Many homeowners can live with paying for minor repairs for years on end because it’s more convenient than replacing their entire system. However, as it ages, you may begin seeing issues with your newly sagging garage door! If your garage door is having trouble opening or closing, it may be time to consider a replacement

Instead of seeing your total repair costs skyrocket, opting for a garage door panel replacement can help reduce your total costs and save you money in the long run. However, if the damage exceeds more than two sections, you are better off investing in a new garage door replacement.

Unlock a Homeowner’s Maintenance Hack = Trust Fawley Overhead Door With Your Garage Door Panel Replacement

When your garage door panels have seen better days, and you’re tired of seeing your curb appeal plummet, call Fawley Overhead Door in Portage, MI. We are a family-owned business, and we abide by the best industry practices because we understand how finding the right garage door company to replace your panels is vital.

As long-standing local professionals, we have helped countless homeowners address their broken panels quickly and efficiently. Our extensive experience can help you make sense of the most common signs to replace your garage door panels and get them switched out before they can do any more damage. 

Need help to deal with all of the moving parts of your garage door? Contact Fawley Overhead Door and schedule your next garage door service appointment today!

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